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Silk Peel Facial

ET and the DOctorsSILK PEEL: Love Your Skin Again

What is Silk Peel?

Silk Peel is an advanced skin care procedure that combines the luxury of dermal fusion with the medical advancement of microdermabrasion to soothe, correct, and clarify the skin while treating stubborn issues such as acne, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, and dry, aging skin. This opulent skin treatment is great for all skin types!


How Does Silk Peel Work?

Silk Peel goes beyond microdermabrasion to provide a simultaneous non-invasive exfoliation with skin-specific dermal infusion to the skin based on your skin’s needs. This painless and soothing treatment is a great addition to your skincare regimen. We offer a wide range of topical solutions to treat almost any skin condition. Use it to treat lingering skin concerns, or simply make an appointment to receive a treatment when your skin needs a boost or you’re wanting to look radiant for a night out on the town.


At Look Young Atlanta, we offer the best in skincare: Silk Peel®. A precise stream of skin specific topical solutions are sprayed onto the skin via a hand piece while a microdermabrasion-type handpiece simultaneously vacuums and lifts dead skin. This acts to exfoliate and loosen the layer of dead skin cells on the skin surface while providingcustomized hydration, correction, and revitalization. No crystals or abrasive products are used, minimizing skin irritation and health concerns of aluminum based crystals. There is no down time after the treatment and you can return to normal activities immediately.


What are the side effects of Silk Peel?

The most common side effect of the procedure is a slight redness to the skin for an hour or two after the procedure. Some patients find that they may blush more easily for a day or two after the treatment due to increased blood flow to the skin surface. Makeup can be applied right away and can easily cover any redness from the procedure (although we recommend letting your skin breathe immediately after the treatment).

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