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MTF laser hair removal Atlanta

Laser Hair Removal for MTF

Laser Hair Removal For Transgender Individuals

At Look Young Atlanta, we are honored to work with transgender, transsexual and transitioning individuals in all stages of the transitioning process. We know that hair removal can be one of the most significant steps for MTF individuals when creating a more feminine appearance. Facial and body hair are not only a time consuming endeavor, but also make you appear more masculine. While shaving and waxing can provide temporary solutions, most transgender individuals naturally prefer the permanent, full body hair removal they can achieve through laser hair removal.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Transitioning Individuals

  • Leaves skin looking and feeling softer and more feminine
  • No more ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or 5’oclock shadows
  • Makes upper lip and chin less “puffy” by removing thick facial hair under skin
  • Saves money by not having to purchase razors, shaving cream or waxing treatments ever again!

Laser Hair Removal versus Electrolysis

While electrolysis is an effective hair removal procedure, it comes at a significant cost. Not only does electrolysis take much longer than laser hair removal, it is also much more painful!! Electrolysis requires a needle to be inserted into each hair follicle, killing each follicle one at a time. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, can treat larger areas of skin at one time and feels more like being snapped with a rubber band, rather than being turned into a human pincushion!

Laser Hair Over Electrolysis is a “No Brainer”

Additionally, if you choose electrolysis, you would have to grow your hair out before each session. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, requires just the opposite – you shave target areas before treatments. The difference is substantial — not only will you be able to maintain your feminine appearance, but you will be on your way to smooth, hair-free skin at the same time. The benefits of Atlanta laser hair removal over electrolysis are substantial. Lasers are faster, less painful, less expensive, and allow you to maintain your gender identity throughout the process. It’s pretty much a no-brainer: laser hair removal is the obvious way to go!

Why Look Young Atlanta?

At Look Young Atlanta, we understand and appreciate the needs of our clients. We work hard to ensure that our services are always discreet and confidential.  We also take the time to really get to know you and understand your personal hair removal goals. Each of our clients have a personalized treatment plan to ensure desired results in as few treatments as possible.

The staff at Look Young Atlanta understand how difficult and expensive transitioning can be, which is why we gladly provide all of our transgender, transsexual, MTF and transitioning clients customized, discounted pricing. It is our goal to help you achieve that sexy, feminine appearance you want and deserve!

What Are You Waiting For?

Unwanted hair is a concern for many of us and can be embarrassing and time-consuming to deal with. At Look Young Atlanta we will work hard to give you that smooth, sexy complexion you’ve always desired! Not having to concern yourself with all that unwanted hair will free you from the worry and anxiety that comes with the inevitable 5 o’clock shadow, and you won’t have to cake on pounds of makeup to cover your facial hair any longer. Be free and confident to stay out all day and night and not have to rush home several times to shave!

Look Young Atlanta offers confidential, friendly, and professional service.   We are determined to give you fantastic results and help you become more confident in your own skin. With this many benefits, it is hard to rationalize how you can afford not to get rid of that unwanted hair permanently. With our great pricing for laser hair removal, it is easy to see that we are the best solution for your unwanted hair. Take the first step towards a sexier, more feminine appearance and schedule your free consultation today!

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I had no idea what  “laser genesis” was and became pleasantly surprised with the results. Both Nathan and Jodi were extremely professional and knowledgeable on the treatments and it’s benefits.

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