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Long Term Cost of Shaving or Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

Razors, Creams, Lathers, Lotions, Wax – Thanks but No Thanks:

Atlanta, are you still not sure if laser hair removal is worth the investment to you? Think about how much money and time you will save in the long run by having laser hair removal. Whether you shave or wax, the costs of regular hair (removal) maintenance adds up pretty quickly.

What is the Cost of a Lifetime of Shaving?

Lets assume that you started shaving at 13 years old and you will continue shaving until you are 50. You shave 3-4 times a week, spending about 15 minutes shaving each time. 50-13= 37 years of shaving. 37 years x 52 weeks/year= 1,924 weeks. 1,924 weeks x shaving 3.5 times a week= 6,735 times that you will shave in your life. 6,734 times x 15 minutes = 101,010 minutes or 70.15 days spent shaving over a lifetime.

Lets Say you Buy the Cheap Disposable Razors.

You will spend around $10 for a package of 10. Lets say you use a new razor twice a week, so 104 razors a year, so $104 a year x 37 years = $3,848. But you can’t shave without shaving cream. Shaving cream costs about $3 a can, and conservatively, a can of shaving cream will last you about a month. $3/month x 12 months= $36 per year. $36 x 37 years= $1,332 for shaving cream. And because you are using cheap disposable razors you probably knick yourself pretty frequently so you need band aids ($2) as well as cream to make the razor bumps go away ($5). If you need to replace these twice a year that is $7×2 times a year x 37 years = $518.

Total Price Associated With Cheap Razors:

So in total, shaving with cheap disposable razors will cost you about $5,698 in a lifetime. $3,848 for the razors+$1,332 for shaving cream+$518 for other supplies =$5,698. This does not take into account the amount of money spent on water for while you are in the shower shaving, nor does it take into account the value of your time.

What if You Use Better Razors, like Venus Razors?

You spend around $10 for the razor handle itself. Lets assume that you purchase a new handle every year due to losing the old one, a new model coming out, or just replacing it so that it stays in good working order. This works out to around $370 a lifetime just for the handle. A box of 8 replacement blades cartridges costs around $22. Lets assume that the blades last you one week each, so you use 52 replacement blades a year. This works out to about 6 boxes of blades a year. So $22×6= $132 every year on replacement blades. $132×37=$4,884 on blades in a lifetime.

Total Cost Of Using Better Quality Razors:

Assuming you still use the same amount of shaving cream as a cheap disposable razor user uses, you will spend $1,332 on shaving cream over a lifetime. Good news is, because you use a good razor, you don’t get razor bumps as frequently or knick yourself as often, so you spend $200 over a lifetime on other shaving supplies. Using a good razor will cost $370+ $4,884+ $1,332 + $200= $6,786 over a lifetime. Again not taking into account the value of your time or the cost of water. So shaving over a lifetime will cost you around $5,500 -$7,000 and 70 days. Personally, I would much rather spend that time and money on vacation in the Caribbean instead of in my shower shaving.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?

The cost for 6 sessions of laser hair removal for full legs is $2,350 at Look Young Atlanta. Six sessions is enough to provide permanent hair removal for most individuals and with each session taking around 45 minutes, this works out to around 4.5 hours for the total treatment. So in less than 5 hours, you can be hair-free for the rest of your life. The savings in time alone is enough to make laser hair removal worth it. Depending on your current hair removal method, laser hair removal with Look Young Atlanta can save you on average $5,500-$33,000.

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