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Age Spots, Sunspots and Freckles

Laser Treatment for Aging Skin, Sunspots and Freckles

Laser treatment for freckles and sunspots is the most effective removal solution in Atlanta.  Sun Spots, often called age spots or liver spots, are a source of embarrassment for many people in all walks of life. While we all know that we are supposed to wear sunscreen when we are out in the sun, we don’t always remember to do it. Over time, sun damage causes our skin to produce more of its natural pigment, melanin, resulting in sunspots and freckles. While your skin thinks producing more melanin will protect it more, it results in unattractive brown spots all over the skin.  Look Young Atlanta offers laser treatments to remove any unwanted freckles, sunspots and age spots.

Laser Sunspot and Freckle Removal

At Look Young Atlanta we offer laser therapy to treat sunspots and freckles on the face and body. Our experienced doctors and estheticians will use our state-of-the-art lasers to target the areas of pigmentation. The lasers will emit highly energized light pulses deep into the skin. These energy pulses will heat up the pigment, causing it to be broken down and be reabsorbed by your body. Your skin will look dramatically better immediately after therapy but the improvement does not stop there. Within a few days of treatment the remaining pigmented spots will start to flake and fall off. This is due to the body’s natural regeneration process being kicked into overdrive by our laser. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your skin’s tone and texture as your body replaces the top layers of your skin with fresh, healthy skin.

Side Effects of Laser Sunspot Therapy:

During the treatment you will feel a sensation often likened to a rubber band snapping on the skin. Most patients tolerate this well and don’t find the use of numbing cream necessary but we do have anesthetic cream available if you decide you would like it.

After the treatment, the treated area may feel like a slight sunburn. This should resolve within 24 hours of treatment.

The last side effect that we have observed is an overall improvement in skin tone and texture, as well as an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, you read that correctly. Laser Sunspot Therapy has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to improve overall skin tone and texture! How do you like that for a side effect?!

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