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Spider Vein Treatment

Laser Spider Vein Removal in Atlanta:

laser spider vein removal atlantaLeg and facial spider vein removal are two of our most requested services at Look Young Atlanta. Spider veins are small veins just below the surface of the skin that radiate out in the shape of a spiderweb; they branch off larger veins to create single fine lines. Spider veins can develop on any part of the body but are most commonly seen on the face, thighs, calves, and ankles. While not particularly dangerous, spider veins are a source of embarrassment and pain for many individuals.

  • It is estimated that nearly 50% of the American adult population are suffering from spider veins or varicose veins.
  • Many seek treatment and are looking for the most effective, safe, non-surgical vein removal method.
  • Spider veins may be the source of pain or discomfort as they are regions of abnormal blood flow. Fortunately, spider veins can be treated by laser therapy at Look Young Atlanta.
  • Our treatment is quick, pain-free, effective and will help relieve you of the embarrassment, pain, and discomfort associated with spider veins.

How Laser Spider Vein Treatment Works:

Laser Vein Therapy in Atlanta, GA.At Look Young Atlanta, we use the best technology for all of our treatments, including laser spider vein therapy. Our Cynosure Elite+ laser is considered to be one of the best in the world for laser vein removal. The Cynosure Elite+ laser is a Nd:YAG laser, which uses long wavelength light pulses to penetrate deep into your skin to treat the unwanted veins. These light pulses target the pigment in the spider veins, causing the blood to heat up and coagulate. As the blood coagulates, the spider veins are sealed off. Your body will then be able to reabsorb the vein and redirect blood flow back toward the proper veins, deeper under your skin’s surface. This will cause the ugly veins marring your skin to fade and the pain associated with them to dissipate.

Side Effects of Laser Spider Vein Therapy:

  • Immediately after treatment, your spider veins will appear darker and more pronounced. This is because the treatment causes the blood to coagulate and be reabsorbed. About a week after treatment, you will notice the spider veins start to totally disappear as your body re-absorbs them.
  • Most patients find that only one or two treatments are necessary to eliminate their unsightly spider veins. Treatments may last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the number, size, and severity of the vein(s) you are having treated.

The Look Young Atlanta Approach

Whether you are dark skinned, light skinned, a man or woman, Look Young Atlanta is here for you. Not only do we offer the best technology for laser spider vein therapy in Atlanta, we also have the best customer service and best spider vein laser removal pricing. Our philosophy is that no two people are the same, so customization is key. As opposed to “one size fits all” procedures, our Cynosure Elite+ laser can be adjusted for a more personalized and effective treatment plan. This allows us to treat a wide variety of vein types and sizes on any part of the body with the highest level of efficiency possible.  Schedule your free laser vein consultation today and say goodbye to unsightly veins for good!

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