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Laser Abdominal Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Stomach & Abdomen in Atlanta:

Atlanta, laser hair removal on the stomach is rapidly becoming a very popular procedure. laser hair removal for stomach abdomenContrary to its popular nickname, many people are very unhappy about their happy trail, the line of hair from the navel down to the pubic area. You can try to hide it by layering up on clothes, but eventually you are going to want to wear a bathing suit and your tummy tuft is going to be out in the world, wild and free. If you are ready to banish your belly beard and say hello to the smooth, sexy stomach you have always wanted, laser hair removal at Look Young Atlanta is the way to go.

Bye Bye Belly Hair:

With our Cutera® CoolGlide laser technology, we’re able to stop belly hair growth before it even starts. During your abdominal laser hair removal appointment, one of our skilled doctors or estheticians will carefully guide the hand-held laser over your stomach, administering intense pulses of light and heat in the process. The heat from these light pulses travels down the shaft of each hair, destroying the follicle in the process. This prevents hair from ever being able to grow out of these follicles ever again.

Don’t Worry About Unwanted Stomach Hair, We Are Here to Help!

Atlanta abdominal laser hair removal is just a call or email away. The procedure is safer, more effective, and more affordable than ever before. At Look Young Atlanta we offer top of the line technology, the most highly trained doctors and estheticians, and superior customer service. We will take the time to really get to know you and your hair to develop the perfect customized abdominal laser hair removal treatment plan for you. Regardless of the color of your skin or the density and location of your stomach hair, laser removal at Look Young Atlanta can grant your smooth-stomach dreams. Our unbeatable laser abdominal hair removal pricing are the best in Atlanta. If your happy trail is making you sad, venture into our Atlanta clinic and let us make your day.

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You won’t find a better clinic in Atlanta for medical weight loss, from HCG injections to LIPO B, Lipodissolve and Vitamin B12, Look Young Atlanta has everything I could need for medical weight loss. Generally I loose 3-7 lbs per week and keep it off. It’s the place to go for sure.

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I have to say that I was very impressed with Look Young Atlanta.  If you are interested in an impressive Salon and hair removal location try this spot.  They have all these great products and the prices are reasonable.  It is also a beautiful place makes you feel good just being there.

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I had no idea what  “laser genesis” was and became pleasantly surprised with the results. Both Nathan and Jodi were extremely professional and knowledgeable on the treatments and it’s benefits.

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