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COVID19 Updates

We will resume treatments to the face area on Tuesday, June the 2nd. 
We wanted to make each of you aware of some potential complications with laser hair removal to the face + masking.
This information isn’t to worry you, but it is to give you the information you need so that we can continue to treat you safely with minimized risk.
At all times, –pandemic or no pandemic–post treatment care is essential. Trapping the heat from the laser on the face after treatment(such as wearing a mask) can cause hyperpigmentation, prolonged healing time, itching, rash, and swelling. In an ideal world, we would never have someone wear a mask immediately after treatment because of these risks–but times have changed. 
After discussing these issues with experts in the field, we’ve come up with solutions that will allow the some great treatments but we will need your help! 
We’ve taken the time to list out all the things you can do to minimize this from happening, and by working together, we can safely get your treatments scheduled.  
  • Try to arrange your appointment so that you don’t have anywhere else to go afterwards and can safely be unmasked. Ideally, you would go directly home after receivng your treatment. 
  • Think back to your previous treatments. Does redness and follicular swelling subside after 2 hours? Then you will probably feel okay wearing a mask after that 2 hour window of time. Does your redness and follicular swelling last for a day? For our more sensitive skinned clients, you would want to arrange your treatment during a time when you have a full day to be at home. 
  • No other heat inducing activites for at least 24 hours after your treatment (ideally 48). This means no exercise, no outdoor activities, no hot showers, no hot water to the treated area, no saunas, sunbathing, etc. 
  • DO stay hydrated, stay cool, and participate in indoor activities. This is a perfect time to ‘Netflix and Chill’ or finish that book you’ve been reading. 
  • Apply cooling topicals like aloe vera and ice packs. This can help get your skin back to neutral a little more quickly. Talk to your laser tech at your appointment. We are here to help! 
We are pleased to announce that we will be partially re-opening on Wednesday, May the 20th. 
We are excited to see each of you, and we enter this re-opening with the understanding that things will be different. 
We will be running on a revised schedule to ensure we are adhering to guidelines put in place by the State Board of Cosmetology that governs our estheticians, and the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services as well as the newly released guidelines from the CDC. We ask for your patience and flexibility as we master our new policies. 
We have implemented extra protective measures to ensure everyone’s safety, so while you will still enjoy many of the same great treatments and service, your experience will look a little different from what we have done in the past.
We strongly believe these measures are necessary, as your health and safety is our number one priority.
We wanted to take the time to highlight some, but not all, of the changes you will see at your appointment:
· All clients will be required to complete COVID risk screening questionnaire and a COVID consent prior to beginning your appointment. 
· To help facilitate social distancing, we are requesting that upon arrival for your appointment that you notify us you are in the parking area via telephone (770-837-2712). A staff member will let you know if it is okay to come in or if we need a few more moments. Ideally, we strive to have only one client in the office at a time, and we appreciate your helping us with this.
 · A staff member will greet you at the door and check your temperature with a touchless thermometer. Patients with a temperature above 99.1 will be rescheduled for a later date.
 · All patients are required to wear a face mask to their appointment–if you do not have one, you may purchase one of ours for $1.00. 
· You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival.
· Please refrain from bringing guests, including children, to your appointment. Only patients being treated will be allowed in the office. If you have guests with you, please have them wait for you in the car. 
· Please limit what you bring with you to your appointment. This includes bags and purses. It is preferred that you keep phones, keys, and wallets in your pocket, or we can have you place them in a clean valet in your treatment room. Please note that purses and personal bags may not be placed on upholstered furniture.
·While you are in the treatment room, we ask that you keep non-pertinent conversation to a minimum. Longer exposure times + conversation = greater risk. 
· We prefer cashless payments. For your convenience, prepayment can be taken to help expedite the check-out process and to limit touch points. We have the option to store a preferred payment method in our encrypted software system, if you feel comfortable doing so. If you must pay with cash, we ask that you bring the exact amount so that we don’t have to make change.  
 · We will not be performing face treatments at this time, but those services will resume shortly. If you are waiting to resume your face treatments, please be patient with us–we hope to be in a position to resume those in a few weeks. Please do not call continuously to check on this. We won’t forget you, and we will email everyone when these are back in rotation. To start, we will be doing laser hair removal of the body from the shoulders down, HCG diet consults, B12 shot appointments, vein treatments of the body, scar treatments for the body, and pigmentation treatments for the body.  Dr. Lynch will be performing Botox on the forehead and around the eyes. 
·We are still happy to ship you any products you may need, or we can arrange curbside service.
 ·Our hours of operation will be a little different right now, so that we can minimize the amount of staff in the office at one time. We are doing our best to create a variety of available appointment times. We appreciate your flexibility.
 ·It’s important to be on time. If you are going to be late, please call us to let us know, as we may need to reschedule you for another time so we can minimize the amount of people in the office. We won’t be able to accommodate late arrivals like we have in the past. 
·Our office will look different. We have removed all brochures, pamphlets, magazines, and some decorative items to minimize touchpoints. We will be glad to retrieve any pamphlets, brochures, or service menus for you should you wish to read them at home.  
·We still have all of our great products, but the retail items have been moved to the back. Let us know what product you need and we will get it for you when you check out.
 ·We ask all patients considered to be high risk to review CDC guidelines and understand them before making appointments. Remember, many of our services are elective and cosmetic in nature. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.
·We will be calling you momentarily to reschedule any appointments that might have been cancelled during quarantine. We will be calling in order of the day the original appointment was cancelled, first cancelled, first rescheduled.We won’t forget about any of you! We have kept a complete list and will be working our way to every patient, so please refrain from calling us multiple times without leaving a message–this only slows down the process of us getting people scheduled.  Please be patient with us as we work diligently to get everyone back on the schedule.  
What we are doing to ensure your safety:
·Staff members will be wearing face masks. Practitioners will wear gloves during your treatment and while sanitizing after treatments. These gloves will be changed after each patient, and after each cleaning session. 
·Treatment rooms will be thoroughly sanitized after each treatment, following the guidelines set forth by our governing liscensing boards.
·Common areas will be sanitized after each client.
·Staff will be changing their smocks after each client. 
·Staff members will notify management immediately if they feel sick or have been exposed to the virus and will not come in to work. 
·Staff members will have their temperature taken prior to beginning their shift. 
·We have updated our air filtration systems in the laser room. Weather permitting, we will have windows open to facilitate better ventilation both for clients and staff. 
As a reminder, none of your package sessions will expire, so if you don’t feel ready to come in, you won’t have to worry about losing your sessions.
The policies and procedures set forth here are based on current scientific information. These policies are in no way meant to guarantee a zero-risk environment for the transmission of COVID 19, rather they are in place to limit possible transmission. We recognize that every person in our facility (clients and staff) are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety. These policies are subject to change without notice based on any new scientific evidence obtained. 
As we enter this new normal, we are glad to have you by our side. We look forward to navigating this experience with you. 

You can monitor this page for updates. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon! 



UPDATED ON MAY 6th: Although the governor has cleared businesses such as ours for re-opening, we will continue to be closed through May 15th, possibly longer. Our governing licensing boards (The Georgia Board of Cosmetology that governs estheticians, and the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services have set forth their own regulations and guidelines that must be followed before we can safely open. A lot of this includes ordering supplies that we don’t normally keep in stock–and many of those items are currently backordered due to heightened demand. We are working with various distributors to obtain these supplies, but it is taking TIME. 

We anticipate that we will see you soon, and we thank you for being patient with us during this time. 

As soon as we have everything we need to open safely, we will be notifying you via email. If you had an appointment with us that was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be calling you as soon as we get all of our supplies in. 

If you have a pressing matter, you may contact us via email at [email protected] or you may leave us a voicemail at 404-330-9732. We respond to emails and return voicemails twice daily, Monday through Friday. We do not call back numbers that don’t leave a message. 

You may also monitor this page for updates. 

Stay healthy and safe and we will see you soon. 

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