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B12 Vitamin Shots

B12 Shots Atlanta

Atlanta B12 shots are one of Look Young Atlanta’s most popular, all-natural energy and metabolism boosters.  There are many proven benefits to vitamin B12 as well as other B vitamins.  Though B12 injections are great for clients with specific weight loss goals in mind, know that B12 shots are great for everyone! Vitamin B12 shots have been scientifically proven to increase our mood, our happiness level, decrease feelings of fatigue, decrease stress levels and even improve mild signs of depression.

Benefits of B12 Injections

Everyone complains about feeling tired and low on energy.  Despite drinking multiple cups of coffee in the morning, most of us end up exhausted and drained midway through the afternoon.  A single B12 shot is the perfect, natural solution to have you feeling well rested and refreshed for 2 weeks!  Here are just some of the benefits our clients have experienced:

b12 injections & shots atlanta

  • Increased metabolism and energy source to help you lose weight.
  • Enhanced clarity, memory and performance to help you through your workday.
  • Increased endurance and focus for better, more effective workouts.
  • Beneficial for those who are B12 deficient, vegetarians, or vegans.

Weight Loss & B12

B12 shots have been proven to increase our energy levels and increase our natural metabolism.  Interested in losing the last few pounds or starting your new health initiative for losing weight?  Clients who combine B12 shots with a healthy diet and workout regimen have witnessed dramatic results.  If you are interested in losing weight with B12, schedule an appointment with our onsite doctor/clinicians.  We’d be happy to provide you information on how to combine the benefits of B12 injections with proper nutrition and workout regimens to help you achieve a healthier new you!

B12 Side Effects

Vitamin B12 is natural and necessary for your body to function. Side effects of B12 injections are very uncommon, but the most common side effects are a feeling of warmness or pain at the site of the injection and upset stomach.

Cost of B12 Shots at Look Young Atlanta

Look Young Atlanta believes that everyone should be able to enjoy and experience the benefits of B12, which is why we have the lowest pricing for B12 shots in the greater Atlanta area.  Now you can experience an energy boost, higher metabolism, enhanced mood and more at a lower cost!  Check out our low B12 cost and pricing!

Look Young Atlanta’s “Simply B” Options

“Simply B” B12 (Methylcobalamine)

  • Vitamin B12! B12 is found in animal sources of protein, necessary for production and maintenance of healthy red blood cells and nerve cells.
  • B12 is important in the production of myelin, the insulation around nerves, which contributes to proper brain function.  It is essential in producing DNA for cell division.
  •  B12 can be the solution you need if you are fatigued, moody, having trouble thinking clearly, having numbness and tingling, or constantly forgetting things. With the addition of energy, often comes a greater calorie burn because if you feel better, you’re more active.

“Simply B Better” B12 (Cyanocobalamine) + Lipotropics

With B12 as a component, you get all the benefits mentioned above, but you also get the added benefits of Lipotropics.  Lipotropics are three amino acids that are essential for liver health.  Your liver removes fat and toxins from your body.  These amino acids are Methione, Inositol, and Choline

  • Methione prevents excess fat from building up in the liver as well as the body.  It helps relieve fatigue.
  • Inositol helps with metabolism of fats and may reduce cholesterol.  Inositol has a positive effect on Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite.
  • Choline helps the liver process and excrete chemical waste, contributing to a healthier liver.  It also is similar to Inositol in that it moves and metabolizes cholesterol and fats in the body.
  • “Simply B Better” is an injection that may enhance energy and brain function, as well as support a healthy liver to remove fats, supporting weight management.

“Simply B Your Best” B12 (Hydroxocobalamine) + Lipotropics + B-complex + L-Carnitine

So with all the benefits of “Simply B” and “Simply B Better”, “Simply B Your Best” has added B-complex and L-Carnitine components to optimize the health benefits.  All B vitamins help convert food into energy and help the body metabolize fats and protein.

  • Injection consists of Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacinamide (B3), and Pyridoxin (B6).  Thiamine (B1) is found in cereal grains, nuts, beans and meat: breaks down sugars and is essential for heart, muscle and nervous system function.
  • Riboflavin increases energy levels, it boosts the immune system function and helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Niacinamide (B3) is required for proper function of fats and sugars in the body.  It assists in maintaining a properly functioning digestive and nervous system.
  • Pyridoxin (B6) is found in cereal, beans, vegetables, liver, meat and eggs.  It is also required for proper function of fats and sugars in the body. It also helps with the absorption of B12.
  • L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body.  Positive effect on heart health, mental function, muscle health, and energy production.  Helps the body metabolize fatty acids by transporting the fatty acids in the mitochondria of each cell.

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You won’t find a better clinic in Atlanta for medical weight loss, from HCG injections to LIPO B, Lipodissolve and Vitamin B12, Look Young Atlanta has everything I could need for medical weight loss. Generally I loose 3-7 lbs per week and keep it off. It’s the place to go for sure.

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I have to say that I was very impressed with Look Young Atlanta.  If you are interested in an impressive Salon and hair removal location try this spot.  They have all these great products and the prices are reasonable.  It is also a beautiful place makes you feel good just being there.

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I had no idea what  “laser genesis” was and became pleasantly surprised with the results. Both Nathan and Jodi were extremely professional and knowledgeable on the treatments and it’s benefits.

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