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Average Laser Hair Removal Prices

Wearing leggings as pants may be totally out of season, but getting rid of unwanted body hair is never out of season.  Laser hair removal is a great option for people who want to get rid of unwanted and unattractive body hair.  But before you decide to venture over to a laser clinic, it’s always best to do some research and have a basic understanding of the different laser hair removal costs.  Laser hair removal typically range anywhere from $150 to $500.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the average for laser hair removal in the past years has been around $429.  The number may seem daunting, but the average amount spent on laser hair removal has been lower than the average spent for waxing on a yearly basis.

When it comes to laser hair removal, prices can fluctuate and vary based on the following factors: the area for hair removal, the amount of desired hair removal, skin tone (light versus dark complexions), the area you live in, the number of sessions, and the clinic you visit.  Certain body parts cost more than others for laser hair removal.  For example, the upper lip and bikini area laser hair removal treatment is less than having back laser hair removal.  Typically, laser hair removal slightly more expensive for people with darker complexions.  This is because there needs to be more focus on individuals with darker complexions as darker skin is more prone to burning and discoloration, which leads to unwanted results.  Laser hair removal prices can vary greatly between bigger cities and smaller cities.

To give you an idea of the ranges based on body part, here is a rundown of the ranges nationwide.  This is not taking into account the other factors such as the area you live in and skin complexion, but it will give you a general ballpark.

For SINGLE treatments:

  1. Full face: $250-650
  2. Upper lip: $100-300
  3. Underarms: $150-250
  4. Regular Bikini Area: $150-450
  5. Legs: $250-650
  6. Arms: $250-650
  7. Back: $300-800
  8. Chest/Abdomen: $150-450

If you are in the Atlanta area, it is best to compare the prices and quality of the clinics around the Atlanta. Look Young Atlanta’s prices and overall services are hard to beat if you are in the greater Atlanta area.  For a free consultation and pricing, visit Look Young Atlanta’s clinic located in Midtown!

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