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Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes! Laser Hair Removal is Permanent:

Laser hair removal is one of the most permanent solutions for hair removal on the market. Look Young Atlanta uses one of the most advanced lasers in the world: the Cynosure Elite + laser. The laser targets hairs at the root, damaging the follicles and making it extremely hard for hairs to re-grow. Because hair grows in cycles, some follicles may be dormant during the first laser hair removal session and untouched by the laser.  Usually a total of 8-10 sessions is necessary to reach an ideal level of hair removal.  Also, depending on your type and texture, some hairs may be more resilient than others and take more than once to zap.  The majority of patients experience up to 90% of permanent hair reduction.  In very few patients, some re-growth may occur. This is usually characterized by light blond hairs comparable to peach fuzz. Unlike other med spas, Look Young Atlanta offers solutions for even your toughest hairs. Our lasers are compatible for any skin type or hair texture.

How it Works:

Permanent laser hair removal is the solution for unwanted hair growth in any area of the body. Only lasting a matter of minutes, the permanent laser hair removal process targets each individual hair follicle on the body. A beam of light is used to target the hair follicle, loosening the hair from the root. After 6-8 treatments, depending on the type of skin and hair being treated, patients will experience little to no hair growth. Some patients may never have to shave again!

During the permanent laser removal treatment, patients will experience tiny, shock-like sensations on sections of the skin. Some compare the sensation to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. The process typically lasts between 5-20 minutes depending on the amount of skin being treated. Patients must shave before each procedure and must remember to avoid sunlight before and in between treatments.

Our Clinically Proven Lasers:

Our specialists are well trained and certified by the Georgia Medical Board. They are the best, most skilled in giving patients optimal results with our Cynosure Elite+ laser.  Look Young Atlanta is proud to incorporate the result-driven Cynosure Elite+ laser as well as other leading medical tools that are fast, accurate and virtually painless.

The Best Lasers in The Business:

Endorsed by leading physicians worldwide, the Cynosure Elite+ laser is the first laser of its kind cleared for permanent hair reduction in all skin types. With its patented technology, the Cynosure Elite+ laser was designed specifically to eliminate individual resistant hairs, including fine, lighter colored hairs that other lasers fail to target.

The Cynosure Elite+ laser is the premiere laser hair removal tool geared toward all skin tones including dark or tanned skin.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

An effective procedure for men and women alike, Look Young Atlanta permanent hair removal can be used on virtually any part of the body. Women can target underarms, bikini line, legs and unwanted facial hair. Men come in regularly to target the same areas as well as abs and back. Results can be seen even after the first treatment.

Located in Georgia’s busiest city, Look Young Atlanta proudly services patients of all kinds. We provide permanent laser hair removal in Atlanta as well as surrounding cities. Stop by to say hello or come in for a free consultation.

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I have to say that I was very impressed with Look Young Atlanta.  If you are interested in an impressive Salon and hair removal location try this spot.  They have all these great products and the prices are reasonable.  It is also a beautiful place makes you feel good just being there.

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I had no idea what  “laser genesis” was and became pleasantly surprised with the results. Both Nathan and Jodi were extremely professional and knowledgeable on the treatments and it’s benefits.

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