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A Year of Skin Care

  1. Just like your body, it takes time to see results with the skin. You may notice a difference in softness, tone, and texture in a pretty small elite-mpx-2amount of time, but to truly fight acne, age spots, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, it takes a commitment to see the results you really want. This is especially true if you have neglected your skin for some time. Even with the most amazing products and services, it generally takes about 4 months for the bottom of the dermal layer to work its way to the surface and slough off; if you’ve got old or significant issues, plan ahead! Most skin care conditions cannot be treated overnight. One of the most frustrating aspects in the skin care industry is people often come in to get their skin care issues addressed expecting need near immediate results. If you’ve got sun damage or are losing elasticity in your neck, odds are this did not show up overnight–and it won’t disappear overnight. If your High School reunion is in June, schedule those treatments starting in January!
  2. By setting yearly skincare goals, you can better budget for the entire year. We can help you figure out which months you will need to stock up on your favorite products, which months we will need to do some laser treatments(not in the summer!) and schedule some monthly maintenance sessions, such as Silk Peels and Microneedling.
  3. You develop a relationship with the nurses, laser techs, and estheticians. This can be so important when it comes to follow ups and elite-mpx-1reassessing your skin’s needs. Just like communication and relationship building is important with your doctor, establishing relationships with your esthetician is important. When you work towards goals with your skin care provider, they can help with prevention, maintenance of your results, and when to add something or quit something old. Also, you often receive insider information and early bird offers on skincare products and services. 🙂
  4. You are more likely to commit to your skincare regimen if you book your appointments in advance for the year, and even more commitment if you pre-pay. Penciling in time for you and the proper care of your skin will assure that you meet your health goals for your skin by the end of the year.
  5. You deserve it! We often wear our stress and worries on our faces, which can cause more stress and worry, bringing you into a vicious cycle of stress and mirror avoidance. Your face will (hopefully) be with you the rest of your life, so keep it as fine tuned as you would the rest of you, by getting regular checkups and taking the proper daily “exercises” needed to maintain skin health, vitality, and youthfulness.

Give us a call today to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your skincare goals for the year. We can get you penciled in for everything you need to look your very best.

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